Goals and Objectives

The College was started in 2005 to promote Higher Education among all person. Over the years, the college has emerged as a potential educational center offering Higher Secondary Education Being a College, it ensures opportunities (inside and outside the classroom) for them, to grow in intellect, self-confidence, leadership ability and sense of self goals. The objectives are :-

  • To develop new academic courses and revise current academic programmes to keep pace with the changing scenario.
  • To vocationalize courses.
  • To enhance and promote excellence in teaching and learning.
  • To encourage and support innovation in teaching and learning.
  • To develop a systematic approach for the success of students.
  • To create an ICT infrastructure that is supportive of academic and administrative needs.
  • To promote computer competency for students and faculty and staff.
  • To provide supportive services to students.
  • To increase awareness of student support services, policies and campus events among students.
  • To maintain an administrative information system that is useful integrated and user friendly.
  • To provide facility for distance learning through IGNOU Programme Study Center and Community College.
  • To promote communication, cooperation and shared decision making among administrative and academic departments.
  • To support and encourage staff for personal academic growth.
  • To Support & encourage students for co-curricular activities.
  • To provide a clean accessible environment, this meets the needs of student’s faculty and staff.
  • To promote a spirit of community service among students, faculty and staff.
  • To ensure and sustain the institutional standards to highest level.